Phoebe Leona is an author, teacher, dancer, and curator of nOMad Press with a mission to empower people to embody their lives.


  • jules-thedancersworkout


    Jules is a classical ballerina and former corporate executive who helps adult dancers achieve their daily fitness goals through dance

  • Anneliese Place

    Anneliese Place

    An influencer with over a million followers around the globe, Anneliese Place is the Queen of Nightlife.

  • Marijke McCandless

    Marijke McCandless

    Marijke McCandless is an awareness practitioner, playfulness instigator and award-winning writer. Her recipe? Listen. Play. Write.

  • Saifuddin Rakib

    Saifuddin Rakib

    Product Designer, Mechanical Engineer and Self Learner.

  • Victoria Hines

    Victoria Hines

  • Robert Geremino

    Robert Geremino

  • Jasper Han

    Jasper Han

    Plan to build a Code Generation SaaS company in the US. Join the waitlist here —

  • Karenvivers


    Scottish Amsterdammer Writing fiction.

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